Group Process Design and Delivery

Do you need help designing an effective group process?

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Group Design

Consulting for Group Effectiveness

Any business or organization is not dependent on one person alone but is the result of a complex web of relationships.

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Group Effectiveness

Coaching for Conscious Leaders

Do you want to be a leader for the long haul? Do you want to positively influence others through the integrity of your being?

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Recognize and Release the Animating Spirit in You and Your Organization

Every person, organization or institution is called to make a unique contribution to the common good. When action is integrated with this purpose, life and work become meaningful and fulfilling. Spirit and energy flow.

Lack of alignment creates confusion, chaos and a sense of being stuck. Quick fixes rarely last.

The path toward personal and organizational integrity lies through deepening awareness of purpose and of the often unseen individual and interpersonal dynamics that thwart our best intentions. As the field of awareness widens, new possibilities for action can emerge.

LarryI help leaders and organizations explore and understand their experience, and coach them in developing new ways of being in the world, in order to reach new levels of freedom to achieve their highest goals.

My work proceeds from a depth of wisdom grounded in practical experience so clients find meaning and fulfillment as well as increased effectiveness in organizational relationships.

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Transformational Partnerships is a consulting and coaching service for people

  • who want to be leaders for the long haul,
  • who are committed to ongoing personal and organizational learning,
  • who want to positively influence others through the integrity of their being,
  • and who want to remain personally grounded in the midst of ongoing change.