Successful leaders face competing pressures every day:

  • Focusing on what is truly important amidst the demands of constant change;
  • Keeping an eye on an organization’s primary objective while sustaining a healthy and rewarding work environment;
  • Balancing competing demands and expectations placed upon them by others in their organization;
  • Maintaining peak effectiveness in the face of confusing group dynamics that often stall progress.

Coaching for Conscious Leaders will bring you:

  • Increasing clarity that will provide a basis for wise decisions;
  • Expanding efficacy as your efforts become more aligned with your purpose;
  • Growing confidence in managing the critical relationships and responsibilities in your life;
  • Deepening sense of satisfaction that comes from living a more integrated life.

What is Coaching for Conscious Leaders?

Coaching for Conscious Leaders applies reflective practice to the interplay of personal and group dynamics. Through it, you will become adept at taking personally authentic and decisive leadership action that will help your group or organization overcome the obstacles that inhibit achievement of its purpose.

How Does it work?

Coaching for Conscious Leaders is grounded in an integral framework that capitalizes on the inseparable connections between the inner and outer life of both leader and group to help people act from a place of personal clarity and purpose.


When groups face adaptive challenges or get stuck in unproductive patterns, they may try to assign blame, seek a quick solution, or look for someone with the “answer.” These approaches rarely succeed in the long term because the problem has its root in the unseen, inner aspect of group life. Coaching for Conscious Leaders helps individuals discern personal and organizational dynamics. Based on this increased awareness, they can plan leadership strategies that influence the group to develop new capacities for growth.

What outcomes can you expect?

Coaching for Conscious Leaders helps individuals call upon their own depth of being and presence in order to exercise positive influence in the organizations of which they are a part. Conscious leaders maintain awareness of the internal and external aspects of both personal and group life, guided by the spirit within and beyond. They take intentional action consistent with deeply held values, call and purpose. They remain personally grounded and resilient in the midst of complex interactions while creating a context where a group can do the necessary adaptive work to address collective challenges.

Coaching is an ongoing partnership that facilitates a client’s self-discovery and achievement of personal insight while supporting action toward maximizing her or his potential. Clients are offered deep, careful listening and insightful questions and observations that stimulate their thinking and awaken the mind to new possibilities, as well as encouragement in pursuing the initiatives they choose.