Consulting for Group Effectiveness

Group Proccesses

Any business or organization is not dependent on one person alone but is the result of a complex web of relationships. I call this the inter-actional space. This often unnoticed relational space between management, employees, volunteers, members and other stakeholders is a source of vast, untapped spiritual energy for organizational success as well as home to much of the painful confusion and chaos that can hinder a group’s progress.


Healthy, vibrant groups balance their attention between managing the inter-actional space and accomplishing their primary tasks. They know that the quality of product or service they deliver depends on the state of their relational system.

Work groups are often formed of people who bring specific technical expertise to a project or organization. Commonly, groups of highly competent individuals find themselves stuck or performing below their expectations because no one is managing the inter-actional space, providing the “oil” that keeps the group’s engine of productivity running smoothly. I can help keep your group running smoother, longer, and more efficiently.

You can access this service in several ways.

  • When a work group is stuck at a critical point, I can facilitate work sessions where group members can uncover what is blocking them and moderate safe and productive discussions to deal with difficult issues and help them get back on track.
  • I can act as a coach to you or your leadership teams, helping you build your own capacity to manage the interactional space.
  • You can engage me, on an ongoing basis, to tend the inter-actional space, providing observations and feedback so the group can develop as a conscious, learning organization.


In each instance, we will engage in a cycle of observation, feedback, reflection, and action that will provide you with opportunity to imagine and experiment with new strategies to help keep the energy flowing through your group.

As a result, you can expect to be more grounded and intentional as a leader, operating at a deeper level to manage the life of your group and you can expect a group to be able to handle complex situations with more and more grace and efficiency.