Individual Spiritual Guidance


Do you feel like you are living a divided existence, frustrated in your desire to pay attention to your spiritual center by the pressures of daily existence?

Have you been living on a plateau in your spiritual life, feeling ready to move to another level, but uncertain how to proceed?

Do you long to experience a new degree of spiritual freedom in conscious relationship with a loving, gracious and accepting God?

Are you yearning for supportive companionship in your quest to grasp life’s meaning and your unique vocation?

If so, you may profit from a relationship with a spiritual guide. Throughout history, spiritual seekers have turned to spiritual guides (also called spiritual directors) as a resource to support them on the pilgrimage of faith. A spiritual guide journeys with you, not so much to show you the way, as to help you notice the path on which you are being led.

Transformational Partnerships offers spiritual guidance grounded in the Christian tradition. Your spiritual guide will listen deeply to the stories of your life. Sensitive questions will assist you in exploring the ways you have known Spirit present to you. Profound respect for your unique journey and for the grace of this stage of your life will encourage you to treasure the gift you are to God, yourself, and others. Your guide will join you in careful discernment of the movement of the Spirit within you as you continue to discover your unfolding sense of call. You will receive help in exploring ways of prayer and spiritual practice that nurture your soul. Experiencing gentle challenge will support your growth in freedom to become all that you are called be.

Regularly scheduled spiritual guidance sessions are available through Transformational Partnerships by phone. Face-to-face sessions can be arranged in the Seattle area.

Take a moment right now to notice your inner response as you have read this page. If you sense an awakened interest or curiosity or a warming of your heart to this new possibility, that may be the Spirit moving within you. Consider taking this next step on your spiritual journey.